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Most of us have our own assumptions about mopping and it might not be true in reality. A few surveys were carried out and the results were eye-opening. A research revealed that an individual contacts floor around 50 times in a day and around 16 times a person touches his face with the hands. This passes on the contaminants from hands to skin, nose, eyes and so on. 

There has been a plenty of debate recently encompassing the effectiveness of some ancient floor cleansing ways and technologies. To clarify, we have discharged the 5 most typical myths regarding mops and scrub floors that cleaning professionals ought to grasp.


1) Mops don't spread the soil.

Wrong! The primary reviews showing that mops spread soils go back to the mid-1970s, when hospitals were searching for sources of contamination. Several studies have confirmed the same over a period of time.

2) Myth: Soaking a mop overnight slaughter most germs and microbes on the wipe.

Wrong! A report issued by the pharmaceutical Journal in march 2000 states that, “Mops can be a serious potential source of contamination even when soaked in [a] disinfectant overnight.

3) Microfiber mops are more compelling at expelling contaminants from floors.

Somewhat genuine. A review distributed in the American Journal of Infection Control on November 2000, stated that microfiber when used along with cotton string mops performed better than when used with a cleanser. But here's the catch. Another review by the American Society of Microbiology found out that a fresh out of the box new microfiber wipe only removes 50% of the surface bacteria and the utility diminishes with use.

4) Using more disinfectant within the cleansing resolution can make sure the mop’s germ-killing power. 

Not true!  The quat binding forces the disinfectant to be absorbed by the mops’ fibers which-in-turn reduces the efficacy of the disinfectant. While carrying out a test, a cloth was placed in a cleaning solution pail filled with a disinfectant. It was found out that the effectiveness of the product decreased by 50 percent within just 10 minutes.

5) Wiping floors build up shoulder muscles. 

Not true! If you want to build your shoulder muscles it is better to go to a gym rather than mopping the floor. You might be a victim of shoulder & back ache due to the repetitive mopping activities.

Hope the article has been informative to you. Do consider these 5 mopping myths before taking a call.