About Us

About Us

 • We are committed to sustain personalised, flexible and cost effective service packages

• We are dedicated to develop our client relationship. We listen to our clients' needs and respond with energy, passion, speed, and agility

• We relentlessly pursue dynamic change and improvement.

• We pull together our experience, resources and skills to provide the services our clients need.

At RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE we adhere to six core values that serve as guides for providing quality services to our clients, a quality workplace for our employees and ensuring continuous growth and professional excellence.

Teamwork: Collaboration between at all levels of management and the operational team, so we can provide the best quality work for clients.

Integrity: We do what we say, and we do it on time.

Initiative: We are a proactive team, who is able to assess situations and take the appropriate course of action, without being prompted to do so.

Innovation: Working to improve, in order to stay on the edge of what is new, doing what it takes to be competitive and to achieve world class results.

Responsibility: We each take personal responsibility in all that we do. We will readily admit when we have made a mistake and do all that we can to fix it.

Customer Focus: We are responsive, enthusiastic, flexible, and focused on relationships.



At RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE we realize that providing a quality service is the key to contract longevity. We have in place a Quality Program to ensure our service is second to none. This program incorporates the following elements:


Specified Work Requirements

To provide services to clients based on the specification, ensuring daily and periodic duties are maintained to a standard and time. Should problems arise due to any circumstance, the clients representative is to be notified for a resolution.


Work Programs

Maintain a work program on each site, setting out daily duty schedules and periodic duties. This program will be updated when work is completed or changes are made according to special requests made by the client.


Quality Control Inspection

RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE effective evaluation procedure is designed to provide immediate and timely feedback to both your company representative, and our operational team, on the key aspects of cleaning and customer satisfaction.

The evaluation process is also used as a quality control tool for the on-going improvement of cleaning and customer service.

Planned regular inspections are carried out using the Quality Control Report Pro forma and all aspects of the inspection recorded. Where sub-standard work is found, arrange for rectification and follow up is carried out to ensure the defect is brought to the required standard.


Quality Performance Meetings

Regular Quality Performance meetings are scheduled between the Contract Manager, Area Manager and the Client. The frequency of these meetings vary according to your individual needs, but are usually scheduled on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Quality Performance meetings enable the client and RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE to raise particular issues and formulate workable solutions.



This policy recognises that the health and safety of all employees within the RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE is the responsibility of company management. In fulfilling this responsibility, management has a duty to provide and maintain, so far as is practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to health and safety.


Management seeks co-operation from all employees in initiating health and safety objectives and creating a safe work environment. All employees will be advised, in writing, of agreed changes and arrangements for their implementation. We have introduced and implemented a new policy for Occupational Health & Safety and have issued this booklet to all staff. We have a point of contact that specialises in workplace safety. The staff member is on hand to clarify any queries relating to our OHS policy and ensure that all our safety procedures are being followed. This staff member ensures there is strong communication between staff.



As a responsible service provider to commercial and industrial sector, RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE has made a commitment to reduce the use of chemical which may harm the environment. We operate in a manner which protects and look after the environment all the time.

Our policy and procedure set to protect the environment is every clear:

• We train our staff of their responsibilities towards protecting the environment

• We use environment friendly chemicals product & machinery where it is possible and disposing the cleaning chemicals in a manner to minimize the effect to the environment

• We are selective of using of high emission and energy consuming machinery to prevent the pollution

• Awareness of staff & contractor to be conscious about the usage of the water and recycle in best possible ways

• Educate and promote methods to our clients to improve and minimize their impact on the environment their day to day activities

• We follow the correct rubbish disposal procedure and recycling paper products and recycling waste accordingly

• The management and staff meet quarterly to measuring and audit all our activities to minimize and improve our impact to the environment.


The management of RAINBOW SIX CLEANING SERVICE complies with relevant government legislations to keep our environment safe for our future generation.